Hanover Harvest Festival

Saturday, August 6th, 2022


 The 2022 Harvest Festival parade starts at 11am. We hope to see you along the route!

click HERE to print the parade map



Line-up begins at 10am at Riverview Road and 10th Street. Enter at 15th St NE from County Road 19 (Labeaux Ave).

Parade starts at River Road NE & 8th St


If you would like to enter a unit in the parade - be sure to fill out the registration form and send to the address listed on the form. Pre-registration is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

If you are unable to pre-register, show up at Industrial Park for line-up at 10 am and we will try to include your unit at the end of the parade - but it is not guaranteed.

Click HERE for the 2021 parade line-up.

We highly encourage large groups to meet outside of the parade line-up area and then enter as a unit.  Large groups are able to meet to the East of parade line-up, across River Road in the Meadowbrook Avenue, Lynwood Avenue and 10th Street areas.  There is no room for additional parking or vehicles to be left in the parade line-up area.  There is also no room for dropping off people in the parade line-up area. 











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