Hanover Harvest Festival

Saturday, August 6th, 2022

Cow Pie Bingo


Cow Pie Bingo Rules

1. Cow Pie Bingo will take place on August 6th, 2022

2. A 16 x 16 grid will be marked off in 1 x 1 squares totaling 256 Land Parcels up for purchase.

3. Land Parcels will be for sale for $5 each

4. The cow will freely roam the area until the first cow pie or “plop” ( NOT cow pee) is placed by the cow
on a square. If the cow has not placed a cow pie within 3 hours a drawing will be held with all land
parcel owners tickets.

5. The $5 ticket holder of the ‘land parcel square on which the cow pie lands will win $500 (or in the
event that not all land parcel square tickets are sold, they will win 50% of all ‘land parcel’ squares sold by
1pm on August 6th, 2022).

6. In the event all land parcels are sold there will be a drawing with the remaining land parcel owners for
2 chances at $70.

7. If the cow pie or “plop” lands on bordering ‘land parcels’ (crossing the line connecting the squares) ,
the square with the largest cow pie (width and depth) wins.

8. If the cow pie lands on a square that is unsold (in the event that tickets for all 256 ‘land parcel’
squares do not sell), the winner will be the closest “sold” square or squares immediately adjacent to and
sharing at least one full side with the unnumbered, unsold square. This could end up being more than
one winner (up to, but not to exceed, 4 winners) who would share in the prize money equally.

9. ‘Land parcel’ square holders need not be present to win.

10.The winner will be recognized at the conclusion of the Cow Pie Bingo fundraiser. If the winner is not
present, the winner will be notified by phone and/or email and will then have 30 days to claim the prize
money. Unclaimed prize monies will be donated to the Hanover Harvest Festival



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