Grab a spot and watch the Hanover Harvest Festival parade

Saturday, August 3, 2024

Parade starts at 11am - rain or shine!

Check the map to find your favorite spot to watch.

parade participant information


If you would like to enter a unit in the parade - please complete registration. Pre-registration is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

If you are unable to pre-register, show up at Industrial Park for line-up at 10 am and we will try to include your unit at the end of the parade - but it is not guaranteed.


Line-up begins at 10am at Riverview Road and 10th Street. Enter at 15th St NE from County Road 19 (Labeaux Ave).

Parade starts at River Road NE & 8th St

parade line-up is posted 1 week prior to festival


We highly encourage large groups to meet outside of the parade line-up area and then enter as a unit. Large groups are able to meet to the East of parade line-up, across River Road in the Meadowbrook Avenue, Lynwood Avenue and 10th Street areas. There is no room for additional parking or vehicles to be left in the parade line-up area. There is also no room for dropping off people in the parade line-up area.