garden tractor pull

watch or join the are invited to bring your own!

The Garden Tractor Pull will be located behind the Settler's Main Stage starting at 4:30pm on Saturday, August 3, 2024.

Participant Registration starts at 4pm.


1. Entry fee is $5.00 per Tractor

2. Tractors must be registered and entry fee paid before event is scheduled to begin. No entries after your class is started,

3. Drivers consuming Alcohol or Illegal/Non-prescription Drugs prior to/during pull will be disqualified in all classes entered.

4. Attendance at drivers meeting mandatory prior to pull. Verbal exchanges supersede written instructions.

5. Tractors must be kept in control, to track official’s discretion, at all times. Drivers must remain on seat of tractor during their pull and one hand must remain on steering wheel at all times. Momentary movement of hand away from steering wheel will be allowed at discretion of officials. Both feet must remain on running board at all times. Drivers may shift gears during pull. Disqualified if any part of tractor goes out of bounds.

6. All pullers will be assigned positions in each class and must be lined up prior to pull, as announced. If not in line or ready, they may be disqualified and forfeit their entry fee.

7. Each puller has two chances to take a measurable pull. No jerking sled, chain must be tight when starting out. Puller must stop in less than 40 feet in order to get second chance. If sled is moved, it must be repositioned for second try. Weights can be repositioned at this time.

8. First puller of each class may be used as test puller to set the sled. Puller may either take or decline the distance, before being unhooked from the sled. If driver makes no decision to take or decline the distance to the flagman when he is unhooked, it’s an automatic decision by officials that he takes the first measurement by default. Pull will be measured regardless of distance. The re-pull will be in last position.

9. Pullers start their pull with the green flag only. On the red flag, they must stop immediately. No one but the driver and officials are allowed on the track during the pull. Be sure to let officials know if you are colorblind.

10. Suggested weight classes: Includes both tractor and driver. Weight classes may be added or changed if three or more pullers request it.

Off the lawn:

750 lb - 10 Hp. stick or 12 Hp. hydro limits
(Multiple Hp. rated engines go to highest Hp. limit.)

900 lb - 14 Hp. stick or 16 Hp. hydro limits

1100 lb - 20 Hp. maximum limit

Stock Altered:
950 lb - 14 Hp & 1050 lb - 16 Hp

Sport Stock/Stock Stroke:
1050 lb

Pro/Super Stock: 
1050 lb

1100 lb & 1200 lb

Unlimited Outlaw:
1400 lb

Mini Rods:
1750 lb & 1900 lb

11. Sportsmanlike conduct must be used or parties involved may be disqualified.

12. The decision of the officials is final and calls of judgment are not subject to appeal. With a showing of good cause, they may reverse/revise their decision. Any vulgar language or unbecoming behavior may lead to disqualification or suspension